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  South Carolina Ambassador for Economic Development  
Mr. Bob Downs, President of Operations at SarlaFlex, was honoured as the South Carolina Ambassador for Economic Development by the State’s Department of Commerce on 19th March 2013. This was on account of his efforts with SARLAFLEX to invest and create jobs, thus bolstering economic development in the Colleton County Community.
  Industrial Fabrics Association International Show  
SARLAFLEX participated in the IFAI [Industrial Fabrics Association International] Show in Orlando, Florida which commenced on October 23rd for 2 days till October 25th 2013.
  Synthetic Yarn & Fiber Association Conference  
Mr. Jigar Shah, Director of Sarla Performance Fibers Limited, the parent company of SARLAFLEX, attended the SYFA [Synthetic Yarn & Fiber Association] conference which took place on 26th & 27th September, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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